MAAN IGNOU Solved Assignment


First Year

 MANI-001 Anthropology and Methods of ResearchDOWNLOAD
 MANI-002Physical AnthropologyDOWNLOAD
MAN-001Social AnthropologyDOWNLOAD
MAN-002 Archaeological AnthropologyDOWNLOAD


Second Year

MANP-001 Fieldwork and Dissertation (compulsory)AVAILABLE
MANI-003Practicing Anthropology (compulsory)DOWNLOAD
MANE-001 Human Genetics (elective)DOWNLOAD
MANE-002Human Growth and Development (elective)DOWNLOAD
MANE-003Comparative Ethnography (elective)DOWNLOAD
MANE-004Gender and Society (elective)DOWNLOAD
MANE-005Environmental Anthropology (elective)DOWNLOAD
MANE-006Social StratificationDOWNLOAD
MANE-007Tribes in IndiaDOWNLOAD

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