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ignou solved assignment 2023-24

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IGNOU Solved Assignment 2023-24
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Here we cover all your Bachelor’s, Master’s, Diploma’s, PG Diploma’s, Certificate & PG Certificate’s Assignments References in PDF form. Both Hindi Medium and English Medium Assignments Available.

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CBCS Assignments


BA (Honours) Courses

History | BAHIH
Sociology | BASOH
Psychology | BAPCH
Economics | BAECH
Political Science | BAPSH
Public Administration | BAPAH
English | BAEGH
Sanskrit | BASKH
Hindi | BAHDH
B.Sc. Honours Anthropology | BSCANH

Bachelor Degree Assignments

BBA (General)
BA Sociology | ESO
Tourism | BTS | TS
BA Philosophy | BPY
BA (Gender Studies)
BA Social Work | BSW
BA Hindi | BHDE | EHD
BA History | BHIE | EHI
BA Foundation Courses
BA English | BEGE | EEG
BA Applied Urdu | BAUDH
BA Applied Hindi | BAAHD
BA Psychology | BPC | BPCE
BA in Economics |BECE | EEC
BA Applied Sanskrit | BAASK 
Bachelor of Education | B.Ed.
BA Application-Oriented Courses
BA in Political Science | BPSE | EPS
BA Public Administration | BPAE | EPA
B.COM (A & F)/B.COM (CA & A)/B.COM (F & CA)
B.Sc. in Hosp. and Hotel Administration | BHM
B.A in Social Work | BSWG
B.A Facility and Services Management | BAFSM
Bachelor of Business Administration in Retailing (BBA) (OLD)
Bachelor of Business Administration in Retailing (BBA) (NEW)
B.A (Vocational Studies) Tourism Management | BAVTM
B.A (Vocational Studies) Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (BAVMSME)
Bachelor of Library and Information Science BLIS | BLIE BA Library Science

Computer Application

Bachelor of Computer Application | BCA
Master of Computer Application | MCA
Master of Computer Application | MCA NEW
P.G Diploma in Computer Applications | PGDCA-(NEW)

Master of Commerce

M.Com New
M.Com 1st Year | IBO
 M.Com 2nd Year | MCO
Finance & Taxation M.Com (F &T) 
Business Policy and Corporate Governance M.Com (BP &CG)
Management Accounting & Financial Strategic M.Com (MA &FS)

Master Degree

M.A Hindi | MHD | MAHV
M.A History | MHI | MAHI
M.A English | MEG
M.A. French | MAFL
M.A Tourism | MTTM
M.A.(Economics) | MEC
M.A Social Work | MSW
M.A Philosophy | MPY
M.A Education | MAEDU
M.Sc in Geography  | MSCGG
M.A in Political Science | MPS
M.A Sociology | MSO | MSOE
M.A Library Science | MLIS
M.A Psychology | MPC | MPCE
M.A Public Administration | MPA
M.A Rural Development | MRD
Masters in Anthropology | MAAN
M.Sc Geoinformatics | MSCGI
M.Sc.(Applied Statistic) | MSCAST
M.A in Russian  | MARUS
M.A in Urban Studies | MAUS
M.A in Development Journalism  | MADJ
M.A Sanskrit | MSK
M.A Jyotish | MAJY
M.A Economics | MAEC
M.A in Adult Education | MAAE
M.A in Migration and Diaspora | MAMIDI
M.A Entrepreneurship| MAER
M.A Translation Studies | MATS
M.A Drawing and Painting | MADP
MA in Women’s and Gender Studies | MAWGS
M.A in Sustainability Science | MASS
MA in Women’s and Gender Studies | MAWGSR
M.A in Development Studies | MADVS
M.A (Environmental Studies) | MAEVS
M.A in Vaidik Studies | MAVS
M.A in Sustainability Science  | MASS-OL
Master of Arts in Gandhi and Peace Studies | MAGPS
Master of Science (Environmental Science) | MSCENV
M.A Gender and Development Studies | MAGD
M.A in Sanskrit (ONLINE) | MSK-OL
M.A in Environmental and Occupational Health | MAEOH
M.A in Corporate Social Responsibility  | MACSR
M.Sc Information Security | MSCIS
M.Sc in Counselling and Family Therapy  | MSCCFT
M.Sc Renewable Energy and Environment | MSCRWEE
M.Sc in Food Safety and Quality Management | MSCFSQM
M.Sc in Dietetics and Food Service Management M.Sc. | DFSM
M.A. in Folklore and Culture Studies | MAFCS
M.A Journalism and Electronics Media | MAJEM
M.A Journalism and Mass Communication | JMC
MA | MSc Mathematics with Applications in Computer Science MACS | MMT


MBA in Banking and Finance | MBF
MBA in Operations Management | MBAOM
MBA in Marketing Management | MBAMM
MBA in Financial Management | MBAFM
MBA in Human Resource Management | MBAHM
PG Diploma in Services Management  | PGDISM
PG Diploma in Operations Management | PGDIOM
PG Diploma in Financial Management  | PGDIFM
PG Diploma in Marketing Management | PGDIMM
PG Diploma in Human Resource Management | PGDIHRM

PG Diploma

PG Diploma in Translation | PGDT & PGDT Revised
PG Diploma in Animal Welfare | PGDAW
PG Diploma in Information Security | PGDIS
PG Diploma in Mental Health | PGDMH
PG Diploma in Development Studies | PGDDVS
PG Diploma in Vastushastra | PGDVS
PG Diploma in Agribusiness |  PGDAB
PG Diploma in Electronic media | PGDEME
PG Diploma in Digital Media | PGDIDM
PG Diploma in Counselling | PGDCOUN
PG Diploma in Adult Education | PGDAE
PG Diploma in Book Publishing | PGDBP
PG Diploma in Criminal Justice | PGDCJ
PG Diploma in Rural Development | PGDRD
PG Diploma in the Novel | PGDNOV
PG Diploma in Sustainability Science | PGDSS
PG Diploma in Disaster Management | PGDDM
PG Diploma in Environmental Studies | PGDEVS
PGD | MA Degree in Women’s and Gender Studies | PGDWGS
PG Diploma in Pre-primary Education | PGDPPEd
PG Diploma in Geoinformatics | PGDGI
PG Diploma in Gandhi and Peace Studies | PGDGPS
PG Diploma in Higher Education | PGDHE
PG Diploma in Distance Education | PGDDE
PG Diploma in Writings from India | PGDWI
PG Diploma in Industrial Safety | PGDINDS
PG Diploma in Rural Development (online) | PGDRDOL
PG Diploma in British Literature | PGDBLT
PG Diploma in Corporate Social Responsibility | PGDCSR
PG Diploma in Counselling and Family Therapy | PGDCFT
PG  Diploma in American Literature | PGDAML
PG Diploma in Women’s and Gender Studies | PGDWGS-R
PG Diploma in International Business Operations | PGDIBO
PG Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sales Management | PGDPSM
PG Diploma in Educational Technology | PGDET
PG Diploma in Urban Planning and Development | PGDUPDL
PG Diploma in Hospital and Health Management | PGDHHM
PG Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication | PGJMC
PG Diploma in School Leadership and Management | PGDSLM
PG Diploma in Food Safety and Quality Management | PGDFSQM
PG Diploma in Environmental Management and Law | PGDEML
PG Diploma in Population and Family Health Studies | PGDPFHS
PG Diploma in Development Communication | PGDDC
PG Diploma in Environmental and Occupational Health | PGDEOH
PG Diploma in Writing from the Margins | PGDWM
PG Diploma in New Literatures in English | PGDNLEG
PG Diploma in Environment and Sustainable Development | PGDESD
PG Diploma in Folklore and Culture Studies | PGDFCS
PG Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights | PGDIPR
PG Diploma in Educational Management and Administration | PGDEMA


Diploma in Horticulture | DHORT
Diploma in Tourism Studies | DTS
Diploma in Event Management | DEVMT
Diploma in Nursing Administration | DNA
Diploma in Creative Writing in English | DCE
Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education | DNHE
Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education | DECE
Diploma in Smart City Development and Management | DSCDM
Diploma in Panchayat Level Administration and Development | DPLAD
Diploma in Women’s Empowerment and Development | DWED


Certificate in Bee Keeping | CIB
Certificate in Vedic Ganit | CVG
Certificate in Sericulture | CIS
Certificate in Human Rights | CHR
Certificate in Guidance | CIG
Certificate in Tourism Studies | CTS
Certificate in Organic Farming | COF
Certificate in Fashion Design | CFDE
Certificate Programme in Yoga | CPY
Certificate in NGO Management | CNM
Certificate in Food and Nutrition | CFN
Certificate in Rural Development | CRD
Certificate in Gender and Science | CGSCI
Certificate in Information Technology | CIT
Certificate in Gender in Law | CGSL
Certificate in Nutrition and Childcare | CNCC
Certificate in Apparel Merchandising | CAPMER
Certificate in German Language | CGL
Certificate in French Language | CFL
Certificate in Indian Chronology | CBKG
Certificate in Functional English | CFE
Certificate in Value Education | CPVE
Diploma in HIV and Family Education | CAFE/DAFE
Certificate in Disaster Management | CDM
Certificate in Health Care Waste Management | CHCWM
Certificate in Water Harvesting and Management | CWHM
Certificate in Community Health for Nurses | BPCCHN/CCH
Certificate in Communication and IT Skills Programme | CCITSK
Certificate in Social Work and Criminal Justice System | CSWCJS
Certificate on Life and Thought of B.R Ambedkar | CLTA
Certificate in Library and Information Science | CLIS  / BLII
Certificate in Spanish Language and Culture | CSLC / CSLCOL
Certificate in Teaching of Primary School Mathematics | CTPM
Certificate in Peace Studies and Conflict Management | CPSCM
Certificate in the Teaching of English as a Second Language |  CTE
Certificate in Gender, Agriculture and Sustainable Development | CGAS
Advanced Certificate in Power Distribution Management | ACPDM

P.G Certificate

P.G Certificate in Patent Practice | PGCPP
P.G Certificate in Cyber Law | PGCCL
P.G Certificate in Adult Education | PGCAE
P.G Certificate in Agriculture Policy | PGCAP
P.G Certificate in Geoinformatics | PGCGI
P.G Certificate in Climate Change | PGCCC
P.G Certificate in Translation and Translation | PGCAR
P.G Certificate in Gandhi and Peace Studies | PGCGPS

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can we Submit assignments after the last date in IGNOU?

    Yes, you can submit but you may also pay the late fee charge and the University has the power to fail you so you have to submit before the last date of submission.

  2. How to Download IGNOU Solved Assignment Free?

    You can only Download the Previous Year Solved References. For the latest Session, you must purchase the Relevant Assignments on our Website or you can also contact our WhatsApp Service at +91-9315191060.

  3. How important are solved assignments in IGNOU exams?

    Solved Assignments having 30% Weightage in your final exams and compulsory to submit.

  4. Where to submit IGNOU solved assignments?

    You must submit your assignments to the coordinator of your study centre

  5. What are the consequences of not submitting IGNOU solved assignments on time?

    If you fail to submit your assignments this year so must submit them next year. otherwise, your final results show you failed.

  6. Are there any tips for scoring well in IGNOU solved assignment 2023-24?

    Using only trusted solved references (IGNOUHELPS.COM Solved assignments) and also researching the solution and writing them on A4 size plane paper with good handwriting can score you well.

  7. What is IGNOU Solved Assignment 2023-24 Front Page?

    The Front Page of the IGNOU Assignment is important only because there is all the information of students available. if you want to know more and how to download Front Page PDF then Click Here.

  8. Is the Assignment’s submission last date extended?

    Yes, sometimes the Submission date will be extended so you have to contact the Coordinator of your Study Center.

  9. What are the average assignment marks in IGNOU?

    35 out of 100 is the average passing mark in IGNOU Assignments.

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