MSCGI Geoinformatics IGNOU Solved Assignments Free & Paid 2023-2024

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MSCGI Geoinformatics IGNOU Solved Assignments

Session 2023-2024 (Latest)

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Session 2022-2023 (Free)

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Session 2023-2024
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MSCGI Geoinformatics IGNOU Solved Assignments

MSCGI : Master of Science(Geoinformatics)

MODEOpen Distance Learning
SCHOOLSchool of Sciences

Programme Objectives:

Objectives of the programme are to:
  • acquaint the learners with basic and advance understanding of the underlying principles, concepts and techniques of geoinformation science,
  • provide skills in geospatial data handling, processing and analysis,
  • impart critical spatial thinking in the learners to analyse problems from a spatial perspective systematically,
  • prepare the learners to apply the principles and techniques towards finding scientific solution to problems in their application domain and communicate the findings; and
  • widen opportunities for learners for higher studies and developing career in different sectors of employment involving geoinformatics.

Target Group:

  • Defence and law enforcement personnel
  • School and college/university teachers either teaching or interested in teaching geoinformation science related courses
  • Working professionals possessing little or no exposure to geoinformatics but are interested to initiate and develop skills in this field, and
  • Graduates from various academic backgrounds interested in acquiring basic theoretical understanding and develop practical skills on the aspects of data handling and processing to use the data in application areas of their interests.
NOTE :IGNOU will try to make every effort to conduct Laboratory Courses of the programme at the Learner Support Centre chosen by applicants. However, in case of any issue, University may allot a study centre to the enrolled learners at its discretion and the learners may be advised to attend the Laboratory Courses at the Learner Support Centre different than the one chosen by them. Learners should be prepared for such a situation. 

Choose your Assignment (Softcopy | Hardcopy) with Session:

Session 2023-2024 (Latest)

Decree Solved Reference PDF (Softcopy)

Session 2022-2023 (Free)

Decree Solved Reference PDF (Softcopy)

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July 2023 Session30th April 2024
January 2024 Session31st October 2024

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