M.Sc (DFSM) IGNOU Solved Assignment




First Year

MFN-001Applied PhysiologyDOWNLOAD
MFN-002Nutritional BiochemistryDOWNLOAD
MFN-003Food Microbiology and SafetyDOWNLOAD
MFN-006Public NutritionDOWNLOAD
MFN-008Principles of Food ScienceDOWNLOAD
MFN-010Understanding Computer ApplicationsDOWNLOAD

Second Year

MFN-004Advance NutritionDOWNLOAD
MFN-005Clinical and Therapeutic NutritionDOWNLOAD
MFN-007Entrepreneurship and Food Service ManagementDOWNLOAD
MFN-009Research Methods and BiostatisticsDOWNLOAD




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