MCA IGNOU Solved Assignment




MCS-11Problem Solving and Programming Download
MCS-12Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming Download
MCS-13Discrete Mathematics Download
MCS-14Systems Analysis and Design Download
MCS-15Communication Skills Download
MCSL-16Internet Concepts and Web Design (Lab Course) Download
MCSL-17C and Assembly Language Programming Lab Download



MCS-21Data and File Structures Download
MCS-22Operating System Concepts and Networking Management Download
MCS-23  Introduction to Database Management Systems Download
MCS-24Object-Oriented Technologies and Java Programming Download
MCSL-25Lab Course Download



MCS-31Design and Analysis of Algorithms Download
MCS-32Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Download
MCS-33Advanced Discrete Mathematics Download
MCS-34Software Engineering Download
MCS-35Accountancy and Financial Management Download
MCSL-36Lab course for OOAD, S/E, and Accountancy & Financial Management Download



MCS-41Operating Systems Download
MCS-42Data Communication and Computer Networks Download
MCS-43Advanced Database Management Systems Download
MCS-44Mini Project Download
MCSL-45Lab (UNIX and Oracle) Download



MCS-51 Advanced Internet Technologies Download
MCS-52Principles of Management and Information Systems Download
MCS-53Computer Graphics and Multimedia Download
MCSL-54Laboratory Course in (Advanced Internet Technologies & Computer Graphics and Multimedia) Download
MCSE-03Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Management Download
MCSE-04Numerical and Statistical Computing Download
MCSE-11Parallel Computing Download

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