MCA (New) IGNOU Solved Assignment

Bridge Course

MCS-201Programming in C and PYTHON Download
MCS-208Data Structures and Algorithms Download
BCS-012Basic Mathematics Download



MCS-211Design and Analysis of Algorithm Download
MCS-212Discrete Mathematics Download
MCS-213Software Engineering Download
MCS-214Professional Skills and Ethics Download
MCS-215Security and Cyber Laws Download
MCSL-216DAA and Web Design Lab Download
MCSL-217Software Engineering Lab Download



MCS-218Data Communication and Computer Networks Download
MCS-219Object Oriented Analysis and Design Download
MCS-220Web Technologies Download
MCS-221Data Warehousing and Data Mining Download
MCSL-222OOAD and Web Technologies Lab Download
MCSL-223Computer Networks and Data Mining Download



MCS-224Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Download
MCS-225Accountancy and Financial Management Download
MCS-226Data Science & Big Data Download
MCS-227Cloud Computing and IoT Download
MCSL-228AI and Machine Learning Lab Download
MCSL-229Cloud and Data Science Lab Download

MCS-230Digital Image Processing and Computer Vision Download
MCS-231Mobile Computing Download

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